How Much Do Chainsaws Cost?

How Much Do Chainsaws Cost

So you have decided to buy a chainsaw and wondering how much it is going to cost you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You should, however, know that chainsaws vary in cost based on their performance and brand.

If this is your first time buying a chainsaw then maybe you should know the basics. First, chainsaws are categorised into two (or three if you like) on the basis of the power source. They can either be gasoline or electric powered, with the latter being further divided into two. Depending on your intended purpose, you can either go for a corded or cordless electric chainsaw.

Maybe you are wondering how different electric chainsaws are from the gasoline-powered ones. Well, the main difference is the power source which is clearly stated in their names. This is what brings the buzz and weight variance with the electric-powered proving to be much lighter. Both the corded and cordless electric saws are also a lot easier to start. You can check out more differences between these two categories in our other articles.

Have you identified your ideal machine? Alright, let us move on to our main subject today.

How Much Do Chainsaws Cost

How much is the Cheapest Chainsaw?

As they say, cheap is expensive! So, before you take that chainsaw for a few grands, make sure you have all the necessary information. There are some low-budget chainsaws that can perfectly do the job. However, some of them are not quite durable, and you might find yourself going back to the store after a few cutting sessions.

If you look around, you will find many chainsaws that cost way below $200. If this is the range of your budget, do not panic as OHS have a few picks for you. As you will realize from our list, the cheapest quality chainsaw goes for only $73.

  1. Zombi ZCS12017 (Price: $73.50)
Zombi ZCS12017

Our best low-budget pick is the Zombi corded electric chainsaw. It has a 16-inch Oregon bar which allows for efficient cutting. It also requires 120 volts and 13 Amps to run smoothly as the steel teeth chew through the toughest wood you have.

  • Black+Decker LCS1020B (Price: $79.99)
Black+Decker LCS1020B

LCS1020B has a 10-inch chain bar and runs on a 20V battery. However, you will need to buy the battery separately, which shoots the price to about $100.99.

  • Worx WG322 (Price: $120.00)

A 20v battery powers this lightweight cordless chainsaw. If you are not an expert, the automatic tension system will get you started. The battery indicator will also help keep an eye on your battery’s life.

  • Remington RM4216 Rebel 42cc (Price: $136.42)

If you are into gas chainsaws, RM4216 is your beat pick on low-budget. It has a 16-inch chain bar powered by a 42cc engine.

  • Poulan Pro 50cc (Price: $199.99)
Poulan Pro 50cc

Its OxyPower engine technology guarantees a more powerful engine with less emission and higher fuel conservation.

How much is the Most Expensive Chainsaw?

If you are looking for a high-quality chainsaw, you might need some more cash. But remember that not all expensive chainsaws offer the desired performance. Therefore, ensure that you do your research before you part with the cash.

Highly reputable brands in the world of chainsaws include Stihl and Husqvarna. As such, it is no surprise that the most powerful and expensive chainsaw currently in the market comes from Stihl.

How much is the Most Expensive Chainsaw

Stihl MS 880 a 121cc engine goes for over $2,099 depending on the dealer. Another pretty expensive chainsaw is Husqvarna’s 3120 XP with a 42-inch maximum bar length. If you are looking to own this, you will have to arm yourself with at least $1,800.

How do Gasoline and Electric Chainsaws Vary in Cost?

In general, gas chainsaws will probably cost you a few more thousands than an average electric chainsaw. This difference is due to the complexity in the design of gasoline chainsaws which guarantee higher cutting power. Also, they are arguably more durable than electric chainsaws.

Lighter-duty gasoline chainsaws may cost as little as $180, but they can only be used for routine cutting and pruning. The most expensive gas chainsaw is also the most powerful, so rest assured that it will be worth the money. As for electric chainsaws, corded is cheaper than the cordless chainsaws. You could acquire them at only $70.

In conclusion…

As you can see from the information above, the price of a chainsaw varies based on several factors. One is the brand and its reputation in the market. Stihl and Husqvarna have been around for quite some time now, and they are probably the best available. You can even see it from the pride shown by the users.

But remember the price is not necessarily the determinant of a chain saw’s quality. If you are still new in the field, it is always a good idea to look up for some of the best features before purchasing your desired chain saw. I would recommend that you buy a cordless electric one because of how easy it is to operate.

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