What is the best chainsaw for cutting trees

What is the best chainsaw for cutting trees

It is sometimes quite difficult to find the chainsaws that perfectly fit your needs. But hey! It is not impossible, and that is why Old House Salvage have compiled this article to point you to the right brands. Since there isn’t one perfect chainsaw, we have come up with a list from which you can choose your ideal machine.

In our research, we reviewed all popular chainsaws in the market while considering their features and the manufacturer’s reputation. Therefore, rest assured that any chainsaw you pick from our list will be worth the money spent.

Ready? Let us get started!

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw

Based on reviews from a bunch of users and its overall reputation, there is no reason why Husqvarna 460 Rancher shouldn’t be top of our list. Whenever you need any gardening-related tool, Husqvarna has got you covered. The 460 Rancher is one of the best gas-powered chainsaws around. It weighs about thirteen pounds, or six kilograms if you like. Since your main objective is to cut down trees, one of the main things to consider in a chainsaw is the engine. Well, you should always pick the best anyway regardless of the intended purpose. Husqvarna 460 Rancher comes with a two-cycle engine with 3.6 horsepower and a displacement of 60.3cc. It also has an X-Torq engine design that is crucial in increasing the torque hence ensuring maximum power. The LowVib features reduce vibration, allowing you to handle the chainsaw comfortably.

What is the best chainsaw for cutting trees

With a side-mounted chain brake, you are guaranteed efficiency and flexibility while pruning those notorious trees. It is also fairly simple to operate with a starter handle and a Smart Start decompression valve installed to make its starting process a lot easier. The centrifugal air cleaning system allows longer operations before you are required to clean the filters. Are you interested in buying this chainsaw? Due to its excellence, expect to part with at least $520.

Husqvarna 450 Pruning Chainsaw

Husqvarna 450 Pruning Chainsaw

Another release from Husqvarna is this petrol chainsaw with a power dissipation of up to 2.4KW. If you exclude the cutting equipment, Husqvarna 450 weighs about 4.9 kgs (10 pounds). As such, you really need to measure up to the task because it will feel dead weight once you start your pruning sessions. Similar to the 460 Rancher, it also has an air filter that allows for quick and easy cleaning. The bar length is about 50cm (19.7 inches) and cuts up to 24 inches across the wood.

You might be wondering about its engine specs. Husqvarna decided to give it a 50cc X-Torq engine with 3.2 horsepower output. Its maximum speed during operation is about 9,000 revolutions per minute. The design of the engine ensures fuel efficiency while increasing its overall performance. Are you planning to buy this particular chainsaw? It goes at around $542, but we guarantee you that it is worth the cost.

As stated earlier, there is no ideal chainsaw for everyone, but there are many excellent ones to choose from. If you are looking for a cheap chainsaw with great performance, we recommend that you consider this pick. It is arguably the best cordless chainsaw currently in the market and goes for between $160 and $190 depending on the retailer.

Greenworks GD40CS40

Greenworks GD40CS40

Greenworks GD40CS40 is fitted with a 26-inch long Oregon bar ensuring efficient cutting process. It also runs on a brushless motor powered by a 40-volt G-Max Li-Ion battery that will ensure a 25-minute operation. It takes up to one and a half hours to fully recharge. Its ability to cut across about 28 inches of wood makes it a great choice.

However, the downside is the fact that it sometimes doesn’t come with a battery and charger. Therefore, you might need to part with another $108 for a complete set. Luck is on your side if you have other electric products from the company since you can easily swap the batteries and chargers.

Einhell GH-EC 2040

Since we are looking at the best chainsaws in all categories, why don’t include this corded one in the list? If your intended purpose requires you to be mobile, then this is not for you. Electric Einhell is an excellent performer highly rated by most logging experts. That is probably the reason why it is currently one of Amazon’s best selling models.

Einhell GH-EC 2040

It comes with a 40-cm bar and dissipates about 2000W. The chain is not fitted, so you will need to so by yourself. But do not worry, this is a pretty easy job provided you follow the manual to the latter. One impressive addition to this chainsaw is the kick-back cut-off technique that automatically cuts the power off to prevent any injuries.

Einhell is not our first choice recommendation for the obvious reason. The fact that it is corded means you will need an extension cable. As such, your work will be limited to a small area. So, if you are looking to go deep into the forest, you should buy gas or battery-powered chainsaw.

One Last Thing…

If you are still a beginner, electric cordless chainsaws will work just fine. However, if you are looking to chop down some trees like a pro, it would really be a good idea to get yourself one of the gasoline engine chainsaws listed above.

Please remember to always wear the correct protective gear before embarking on your work. I can’t stress this any further owing to the fact that thousands of people sustain chainsaw-related injuries every year. If you are not sure of what you have to do, don’t hesitate to hire an expert.

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